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Table 45: Shake Hands
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Jonathan Calugi was born in Pistoia in 1982. His works began spontaneously, and have never been influenced by any particular educational path. His natural passion for drawing, meant as a free and liberating act during which he transfers on paper his complex but understandable imagery, make him a tireless researcher of new forms for common images. In 2010 he was selected for his recognizable style by Print Magazine among the 20 New Visual Artists Under 30 and, that same year, by the Art Director Club of New York among the 50 Young Guns under thirty, worldwide. In the following years he collaborated with top international brands like Nike, De Longhi, Apple, Sony, Google, Facebook, Logitech, New York Times, etc. Beyond his work as an illustrator, Jonathan continues to pursue his artistic research by exhibiting his works in Italy and abroad.

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