Pictoom Mobili Arte Marogna Arredamenti Illustratori grafica Massimo Ballardin
Sideboard 4 doors: Ebony precomposed
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Pictoom Furniture Art Marogna Graphic Illustrator Furnishings Massimo Ballardin
Sideboard 4 doors: G-Round white
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Pictoom Mobili Arte Marogna Arredamenti illustratori Massimo Ballardin



Massimo Ballardin was born in Thiene in 1965. Since he was young he has been passionate about art, especially glass, a passion he inherited from his father, a glass artisan. In addition to the glass is passionate about painting, in fact, after the maturity of art applied to Nine in ceramics, continues his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice graduating in painting. The didactic experience is enriched with courses of glass fusion and lamp at the school Abate Zanetti of Murano and workshops in laboratories of artists/designers. There are many materials interested in his artistic research, but glass becomes fundamental for his artistic path. The fascination for glass was born early on, when as a child he wanted to pick up from the ground and observe against the light the colored glass fragments in his father’s artisan glassworks.