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Riccardo Guasco, illustrator and painter, was born in Alessandria in 1975. Cubism, Futurism and personalities such as Picasso, Depero, Feininger, Cassandre have strongly influenced his works. He is truly “in love” with the advertising poster as means of communication, which he believes is a powerful tool for the good education to image. In his art he mixes poetry and humor to make “the eyes smile”. His illustrations appear on advertising campaigns, magazines, books, hats and bicycles. He is pleased to have collaborated with The New Yorker, ENI, TIM, Diesel, Rizzoli, Baldini & Castoldi, Poste Italiane, Campo Viejo, Giunti, Moleskine, Rapha, Thames & Hudson, DeAgostini, Sole 24 Ore, Emergency, Greenpeace, Rai and L’Espresso.

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